Month: November 2017


The Best Bullet Blenders for People On The Go

Ninja Bullet Blender

If you’ve decided to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet and are always on the go, you should think about buying a bullet blender to help ease the process. Using a quality blender to combine various ingredients means that there is more of a chance that you will be motivated to create healthy drinks. It is, even more, cost-effective and convenient when you make your smoothies at home. What is more is that a bullet blender can also help speed up other kitchen tasks like grounding seeds, garlic, blending tomatoes among other things.

Want to buy a bullet blender to make all your smoothie and kitchen tasks easier? Read on to find out which you should consider.

Ninja Bullet Blender Is The Best Choice For Busy People

Well, there are many types of blenders suited for busy people. Bullet blenders, in particular, are the best choice for people who mobile a lot but still need to maintain the healthy via drink smoothie. They are available in various models all which vary in price, size, and quality. And while this variety makes choosing any specific blender quite tricky, it shouldn’t be a frivolous concern considering all the benefits you’ll reap from whatever blender you select.

Based on, The Nutribullet or Nutri ninja are the two most loved bullet blenders by busy people (You can check the source here). These two blenders are sturdily built to crush frozen fruits and ice to total decimation. They can even devastate flax seeds so thoroughly that you can add to your smoothies to make them healthier. While these two are a top of the line blenders, buying either of them is an investment that you won’t ever regret.

The Magic bullet blender is another cheaper choice that has been touted to be the best bullet blender for people on the go. This blender although small in size is fairly powerful, and it also cuts down dramatically on your prep and cleaning time. The same cup that you drink your smoothie in, or sprinkle your Parmesan cheese from, is the same one in which you blended or grated it. You can even microwave your ingredients before or after in the same containers. So there is only one small, light container to wash, along with the blade which makes cleaning the blender quick, easy and convenient.

By choosing a Magic bullet blender, you will have purchased a highly efficient and convenient kitchen solution which can be appropriately labelled as one of the better bullet blenders for busy people.

You should note that the Magic bullet blender options are cheaper compared to its counterparts the Ninja bullet and the Nutribullet blenders. And while this is so, the Magic bullet blenders are still quality devices that will provide you with long-term satisfaction.

To find out which is the ideal bullet blender model for your busy schedule, consider the following:

Quality over price

As earlier mentioned, there are many kinds of bullet blenders. These blenders all fit into various budget slots. While midrange blenders which you can find at about $50 to $150 make incredible smoothies, the best blender for your busy schedule should be one that is sturdily built, has a powerful motor and will crush even frozen fruits, ice cubes, seeds, etc.

For some of you, only expensive is quality. But for us, the best blender s are without a doubt good quality, cost-effective and durable.


For those looking for a blender that will allow them to blend up a quick smoothie, then consistency is one factor that you have to pay keen attention to. We bet you don’t want a smoothie that is lumpy, chunky or one that has uncrushed ice. A delicious smoothie should be of the right consistency. In that regard, you should consider getting a blender with a motor power of at least 500 watts. Take note though; that the more the power, the better the blender. The idea is that everything you need to be blended, ground, pureed, crushed or liquefied should come out perfectly and with all the flavor you desire.

Other considerations

A blender with a sturdy base made of steel should be a significant priority for you as it assures you of its stability. You wouldn’t want your mixture to topple off due to lack of support. If you get one of the premium bullet blenders, then this will be a guarantee.

Cleaning blenders is a challenge for most people. It will particularly be harder for you if you are always on the go. As such, you should look for a blender with controls that will make cleaning the machine easier, less time consuming and less frustrating. A bullet blender like the ninja bullet has a touchpad that can be easily wiped and cleaned. It is also impervious to damage caused by spills.

To summarize, regardless of the type of blender you settle for whether it’s the Nutri ninja, Magic bullet or Nutribullet models, ensure that its features fit in your kind of life.  Look for a blender that has a powerful motor, is easy to clean, and gives the right consistency and one that is versatile.…