Ecuador vs Columbia

Colombia vs Ecuador: Which One Should You Travel?

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Colombia vs Ecuador which one should you travel? so you finally got that extra vacations from your boss and now you’re wondering which country should be the next destination is it Colombia or Ecuador eh?

in today’s article we’ll compare the two country. who do you think is gonna win the battle of Ecuador vs Colombia ?


I had been surprised to determine what developed Colombia ended up being Ecuador. I’d expected these to be similar; however, you certainly observed a positive change. In Ecuador, they still sell the large old box TVs while Colombia has only LSD TVs at prices similar to home.  In Ecuador the costs for brand new technology are insane (we found the same computer I purchased with this trip for $600 in Ecuador as I only compensated $180 for this home).


Colombia vs Ecuador from Living costs

The price of products was virtually bending when we’ve got to Colombia. We now needed to pay $1 for any bottled water versus  $.25 in Ecuador. Meals cost two times just as much as well as the price of buses doubles from $1 an hour or so to $2-3 each time.


You can tell travel is not as big in Colombia. Blue-eyed blondes have the huge interest to individuals here. I have never been looked at a lot (including Asia ). People would point us to their buddies to achieve the whole group stop and stare at us. Even eating in a restaurant,  families would change their seats to look at us. Trevor loved the interest, saying it made him seem like a high profile,  me, however, felt really miserable.


Our greatest surprises was that people felt safer in Colombia than in Ecuador. Safety factors are still a large issue in Colombia but because vacationers we felt more secure and were not as worried about muggings versus Ecuador, where its very common and you are cautioned again and again to look at your stuff. We’re able to also walk around during the night in Colombia that was nice. Although we did discover there would be a bombing 20km from Popayan, the next day we’d left the town.


The homes are extremely much better in Colombia. They really use red brick and have their houses colored vibrant colors. Additionally, they do not have cement gates surrounding their properties with broken glass or barb wire across the top. In Ecuador, many of the country homes seem like run-lower shacks produced from gray cement slabs and tin roofs. In Colombia however, you can tell they are proud of the look of their houses, around seeing a very couple of run lower homes and many with flower gardens and well-maintained.


Clearly law enforcement presence was much greater in Colombia then Ecuador. In Colombia, you’d see military men with huge guns everywhere. In Ecuador, you actually only saw law enforcement in tourist areas however they did not appear to any or all have big guns. Rather in Ecuador, it is the private security which has the large guns and nightsticks. Almost every major store in Quito includes a security officer within their store including junk food places like KFC and Burger King.


My buddy is a little a germaphobe, and it has been worried about the sanitary conditions from the food we have been eating in Ecuador right from the start. At least one time per week we’d look for a hair within our food during Ecuador. So that as I write this website posting, I am recuperating from food poisoning from Ecuadorian food. Colombia, however, appears to possess more important hygiene rules than even Canada. All of the cooks would put on full mind coverings as well as masks over their face. In the bakeries, they’d  always placed on a glove before touching the food, something we’ve never witnessed in Ecuador.


I will be the first one to admit Ecuadorian food is not my personal favorite. Then when we had the meals options in Colombia, I was amazed that many it was similar to our food from home. I Really Like Colombia bakeries. They’d one on nearly every corner most abundant in scrumptious food and craziest cakes. They type of grew to become my obsession in Colombia.



The buses in Ecuador resemble our traditional coach buses nonetheless the buses in Colombia relate to half the scale, seating roughly 20 passengers. In Ecuador, they cram as numerous folks as you can around the bus, with folks standing lower the isle. In Colombia nevertheless, they merely allow as various folks since there are seats. Another difference was the Colombian motorists actually stop for lavatory breaks during Ecuador we started to make use of the restroom before boarding because you never know once the driver stops or else.


The driving in South America is crazy generally, however, believe that the Colombian motorists are really worse than Ecuadorians. In Colombia, they drive around the right side from the road however they really take more time to the left and can pass a car while carrying out a blind turn with no concern.


We did not think we’d watch an improvement in Spanish accents but when we entered within the border and began speaking to the taxi driving we started wondering if he were speaking the same language. In Colombia, they talk faster and appear to shorten things using their slang. Even keywords like “da nada” (you’re welcome) were different together saying “mucho gusto” (my pleasure) rather. We had to sit in the figures finding yourself in millions and hundreds. But through the finish in our week in Colombia, we began to regulate and know very well what these were saying better. There’s remarkably little British in Colombia, and we simply met one Colombian during our whole trip that spoke British. Therefore we were made to practice.


Colombians are much lighter skinned and appear to become a mixture of white-colored and Hispanic and that’s why I was so surprised we’ve got looked at a lot because we looked similar to them then Ecuadorian, although not one of them are blonde.


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