How To Get to Raja Ampat

How To Get to Raja Ampat from Malaysia

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How To Get to Raja Ampat

There are a few options to get to Raja Ampat which make the crossing between Sorong and Waisai. Waisai is on the island of Waigeo, and it is the central city from the Raja Ampat regency. Many of the hotels on this website provide pickup from Waisai

Both express ferries and also the slow boat run every single day, and both types have departures from both Sorong and Waisai scheduled around 2.00pm. Departures can frequently be delayed, so it’s worth asking anyone to call the harbor if you are running late. The present express ferry schedule is published below.

The express ferry takes about 2 hrs to help make the crossing. The slow boat takes four hrs. Naturally, most vacationers like the express motorboats!
Finally, report slow boat tickets cost IDR 140,000 (~USD 14.00) and could be purchased either around the pier before boarding or included itself. A limited quantity of private cabins can be found if you would like one. To find the best deal ask among others.

How Much Its Cost

Express ferry tickets are IDR 130,000 for economy class or IDR 220,000 for any Very expensive personal card. A critical personal seat provides you with a variable back chair within an air-conditioned room outfitted having a condition-of-the-art loud karaoke system that always sees lots of use.

You can purchase express ferry tickets in your day’s travel in the ticket offices within the Waisai and Sorong port office structures. Just ask in the port should you can’t place individuals. You will frequently find also agents selling them around the wharf itself, and you may get them aboard should you board without them. The Raja Ampat Tourism Office also sells tickets.

At Sorong harbor, the white-colored and orange Bahari Express ferries are available by visiting the finish from the L-formed pier. The express boat is generally tangled up alongside another ship in the finish of pier and you’ve got to mix that ship’s deck to board the ferry. The slow boat (the Fajar Mulia) shall be located on the right hands’ side from the jetty, at a corner of the “L”.

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